Working close to the forefront of available technology; Water Pioneers has gathered a highly motivated team of professional engineers and technicians who, with the collective use of various computerized systems and extensive use of computer aided drafting facilities, provide the client with cost effective and practical solutions.
Each project is a fresh challenge. At every stage design engineers work hand in hand with managers and technicians to develop innovative solutions. Reducing the gap between basic and applied research in order to develop effective solutions to solve actual problems.
Design, supply & installation of reverse Osmosis Plants, Grey Water systems, Water Filtration Systems.
Provision of annual maintenance contracts for grey water systems, reverse osmosis plants.
Maintenance, repair and servicing of grey water, reverse osmosis plants, water cooling systems, by experienced technicians.
Supply of all water treatment spare parts.
Supply of all specialty chemicals for boilers, chillers, cooling towers and reverse osmosis anticipants.