Softener Systems

Tank used for FRP Filters and Softeners are made of composite material. A composite pressure vessel combines the unrivalled toughness of a polyethylene inner tank and the strength of a glass fiber reinforced with epoxy resin and wound on to a seamless
composite liner that means a strong tank that simply can not rust. These composite pressure vessel tanks have been designed and constructed for the needs of the commercial and industrial water treatment markets and heavy duty use. This non-metallic construction makes our filter tanks maintenance free. Also there are made of NSF/FDA listed materials that make them safe and non toxic.

The strength equals the equivalent steel tanks but are 60% lighter.

They are tested under pressure of up to 161 psi (11 bar) and temperature ranges of up to 65 C. for flange type top and bottom connections.

Water quality is different from every source.Surface water contains higher load of suspended solids,organic and collidal matter but low on dissolved solids.Surface water supply are the river,creek,pond,lake and the largest – the sea.But sea water is not used frequently due to its high salt content.

The other source is the ground water.Ground water is of constant quality and temperature free of suspended solids due to the filtering effec of disssovled solids along with Fe and Mn.

Uses: Quantitatively water is used for industrial application either for cooling system,steam generation,process water and for general flushing ,cleaning and drinking purposes. With these many applications the criteria for allowable impurities in water are set depending on the water quality requirement.

Automatic Controls: FRP Filters and Softeners are equipped with an automatic control system. Top mounted for small sizes, side mounted for medium sizes and using a nest of diaphragm valves with stager for the big ones. this main control is hydraulically actuated to accomplish the regeneration steps of backwash, rinse, service and brine injection for water softeners and actuated by a 7-day clock timer, which permits the regeneration at any time of the day and night, an or every day of the week. The additional provision for individual adjustment of the backwash cycle and the manual exception. Duplex twin and several units in parallel connection with one or any unit in service and another as stand-by is also adaptable with this controller. Regeneration initiated by water meter and any other mode can be performed with this controller.

Impurities harmful effect: The harmful effects may be classified as deposits or scales formed in boilers and other heat exchange equipment,poor quality of steam,corrosion of boiler ,heater exchangers,storage tanks and pipelines.For textiles and food industry, the discoloration,flavour and taste is mostly affected. Not to mention bacterial contamination and taste for portable use.

Because of these problems FRP Filters and Softeners are specifically designed not only for the efficient removel of these impurities but with economic,long term service and user friendly aspects in mind.

FRP Sand filter: FRP Sand filter is for the removal of low molecular weights sediments and turbidity.We use fine grade of filter Ag that delivers high flow rates and consumes less water for back washing.

FRP multimedia filter is also for the removal of suspended solids and turbidity that are of higher molecular weights. This filter consists of four layers of technically selected media.Layers of anthracite coal,fine sand and two grades of garnets in sizes carefully selected for this purpose.

FRP Activated Carbon Filter: FRP Carbon Filter taked care of the colour, taste and odour in raw water most specifically chlorine and organic matter.Clear,odourless and fresh tasting water can be optained with this filter.Granulated activated carbon of fine grade bituminous coal with high carbon and low ash content are its secret. These features combined with its high surface area deliver an exceptionally high efficiency.

FRP Water Softener: FRP water softener is for keen removal of total hardness in raw water which is responsible for the formation of hard scales in pipes, white stains on fixtures and glass and soap curds during washing. FRP softener contains high capacity strong base cation exchange resins which are used with the optimum operating parameters,that results in high flow rate and low hardness leakage.