Dozing pump

Vertical, multistage centrifugal pump with suction and discharge ports on the same level. Pump materials in contact with the liquid are in high-grade stainless steel.The corporation between Water Pioneers and the distributers of Grundfos pumps in UAE has resulted in offering a very competitive price for the local market

Applications:The pumps are suitable for liquid transfer in:

  •  Washing systems
  •  Cooling and air- conditioning systems
  •  Water supply systems
  •  Water treatment systems
  •  Firefighting systems
  •  Industrial plants
  •  Boiler feeding systemsFeatures and benefits
  •  Reliability
  • High efficiency
  • Service friendly
  • Space saving

Suitable for slightly aggressive liquidsTechnical data:

  • Flow, Q: Max. 204 m3/h
  • Head, H: Max. 328.9m
  • Liquid temp: 40c to 150c
  • Operate. Pressure: Max 40 Bar
  • Main characteristics
    Analogue electromagnetic dosing pump with constant dosing, manually adjustable by control knob on the front panel. 2 flow rate range: 0÷20% with switch in “ P” position, 0÷100% with switch in “ C” position, Internal Microswitch, Power-on led indicator and level probe predisposition
  •   PVDF-C * pump head
  •   Ceramic balls reliability of dosing and chemical compatibility
  •   PTFE diaphragm resistance and compatibility with all chemicals
  •   Flow rate manual adjustment between 0÷100%
    Manul priming valve
  • Wall mounting with a fiking bracket

Main application
Electroplating industry, Pickling, Degreasing and metal treatments generally

  •   Cooling Tower
  •   Potable water application
  •   Reverse osmosis application
  •   Paper industry
  •   Ceramic industry