Poseion Triple care shower head BT100MB, Matt Black


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Removes harmful substances such as rust, other impurities from tap water and turns them into clean water. Also, Poseion BT100 not only purifies normal tap water, but it converts it into magnetized water that is excellent for moisturizing skin and removing oiliness.

Excellent moisturizing and cleansing effects make your skin softer and more moisturized.

 Excellent oiliness removal effect reduces the usage of shampoo and conditioner significantly and helps keep your hair soft.

Magnetized water (Ionized water) has a unique characteristic of reducing surface tension. This feature allows Poseion BT100 to decrease the usage of chemicals such as detergents. Also, microplate from BT100 saves water usage too.

Better water for skin and hair (moisturize & oiliness removal & exploiting) / Promoting plant growth / Excellent for cleaning / Better water for your pet