Poseion BT100SW Triple Care Shower Head Snow White


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First, Counter-spin Magnetize Filter is a core technology of Poseion that converts ordinary tap water into magnetized water.

Second, this filter consists of an upper circular magnet and three lower square magnets, which rotates at high speeds from 1,200 rpm to 2,400 rpm to produce magnetized water (Ionized water). The upper and lower magnets rotate in opposite directions, creating a powerful ionic activation effect. (The ionization process can be shown through the clear window from the head. And this method is several times better effect on ion activation than a typical one-way magnetized water generator.)

Third, ion-activated water from this process is called magnetized ion water (“Magnetized water”) and it has hexagonal clusters. This change normally requires a strong magnetic field, but it was simply implemented by our “Counter-spin Magnetize Filter”.
Studies have shown that magnetized water promotes plant growth and inhibits bacterial growth. It also has various effects on skin moisturizing, exfoliating, and dissolving oils due to changes in water molecular structure to hexagonal form.